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18 September, 2014

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'Urban Bird Flip – A Story About Clones' is like an interactive episode of your favorite cartoon series. A story that deals with the absurdity of the Flappy Bird hype mixed up with pop-cultural references, social criticism, arcade gameplay and unique ways of interaction. It's funny at different levels and has an original soundtrack. Oh, and it has 3D graphics. BAM!


Do you remember the Flappy Jam? A game jam with the goal to create hard, almost unplayable games. The reason for the Flappy Jam was that Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, received a lot of threatening messages from people. So the Flappy Jam's motto was “indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering.“ I created Urban Bird Flip 3D during that game jam. It was my first completed game in the Unity engine and my first experience with releasing for mobile devices. After that I wanted to create more unique games and developed different prototypes in Unity. I had all kinds of ideas but they all were to big to realize in a reasonable time. I wanted to implement what I had learned during the prototyping into a smaller project. And there was still this idea in my head to tell a story about Flappy Bird, the hype and all the clones in a somewhat funny way. And so I started to create a story mode. It took me way longer than I expected to develop it. My initial idea was to keep it very short and only make one or two levels with the same gameplay. But after I finished the two levels it felt incomplete and not worth a release. So I made more content, more gameplay, more dialog, more music, more camera angles and so on. It's still a short game but I think it's an interesting experience now.


  • A story mode like an interactive cartoon or comic
  • A satirical look at Flappy Bird, the hype and it's clones
  • Lots of cinematic camera angles and animations
  • Different styles of gameplay and interaction
  • Cartoony 3D graphics
  • Original Soundtrack
  • A Flappy Bird-like high score mode with the aim to do flips


A Story About Clones Trailer #2 ENGLISH YouTube

A Story About Clones Trailer #2 GERMAN YouTube

A Story About Clones Trailer ENGLISH YouTube

A Story About Clones Trailer GERMAN YouTube

Urban Bird Flip WIP YouTube

A Let's Play YouTube




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  • "Der Bremer Entwickler hat das Geheimnis herausgefunden, warum es plötzlich grüne Röhren gab, durch welche die Vögel flogen."
    - Check-App, check-app.de

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thehood is Robin Kuhlmann. Independent game developer and 3D artist from Bremen, Germany. Born in 1987.

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