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robin kuhlmann | digital all-rounder
Based in Bremen, Germany

I'm available for freelance work

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The work in different fields allows me to find innovative solutions from both technical and creative aspects.
If you need something done, whether it is a website, an app, a 3d visualization or something in between, don't hesitate to contact me.


3D & Animation

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I'm passionate about 3D and animation. In times of 3d capable hardware in everyone’s pocket, 3d printing technology and the rise of virtual reality it's an exciting field to work in.

In this section you find personal work that I do in my spare time as well as contract work for various clients.

3d & animation


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I develop games and release them as an independent developer. The great thing about games is that so many creative and technical fields come together to create new experiences.

In this section, you find games that I developed on my own and together with friends.


Websites & Apps

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We visit websites and use apps every day and with modern browsers and smart phones there are endless possibilities to create something that is both informative and fun to use.

In this section, you find websites and apps I developed and worked on and for various clients.

web & apps